This is a turn-based strategy game about a team of Gundams fighting against racists, homophobes, and misogynists, made for Matthias during the Secret Santa Jam.

-Q/E - Rotate Camera
-Scroll - Zoom in/out
-A/D (or arrow keys) - Switch Gundam
-Space - Toggle Move/Attack
-Enter - Pass Turn

Note: It can take a hot minute to load (~4-6  seconds on my machine), just be patient

Also the game autosaves after every stage so feel free to quit and continue where you left off

Crusade - Heavy Industry
Exciting Trailer
Failing Defense
Five Armies
Grim Idol
Heavy Interlude
Heroic Reception
Lagoa v2
Master of the Feast
Mistake the Getaway

All by Kevin Macleod

Sound effects are from my own voice, Pico-8, and a Sony sound effects library from 2004

Update Log
1.1 (29/12/20)
-Added pause menu
-Added water background to title screen
-Slight fog effect on all levels
-Levels can end in a tie if both sides are defeated simultaneously
-Flags now wave
-Gundam no longer repeats dialogue at the start of a level upon retrying

1.2 (30/12/20)
-Removed Notch

1.2.1 (26/1/21)
-Game no longer starts on the final level (That's what happens when you make hasty last-minute changes. Don't know how it took me so long to catch that)


Download 78 MB
Download 84 MB
Download 80 MB


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Dat summary tho

Clap Clap. I'm late. :(

I loved the gameplay, i was hooked from start to end

man diz game looks fucking sick the ost is the best part

Hey your game looks amazing. I would love to play it. I was testing the web version on this page and my gundams had only 3 / 3 / 5 health and died instantly and I could not attack any enemies besides one with  2 damage and then I died all the time in the first level. Any chance you can fix this? Would love to play it. OR did I do something wrong here? Maybe I just don't get it. Thank you!

Sorry I know this was 20 days ago, but I just realized in the last update I accidentally made the game start on the final level, that's why you kept dying! I am so sorry!

I fixed it. It now starts on the first level as it should. If you are still interested in giving it a play, I hope you have a better time with it now!

This game is impossible to beat 


I fixed it, it's no longer impossible sorry

I'll give it a tr


Ah! Now it's good. I enjoyed it