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Dat summary tho

Clap Clap. I'm late. :(

I loved the gameplay, i was hooked from start to end

man diz game looks fucking sick the ost is the best part

Hey your game looks amazing. I would love to play it. I was testing the web version on this page and my gundams had only 3 / 3 / 5 health and died instantly and I could not attack any enemies besides one with  2 damage and then I died all the time in the first level. Any chance you can fix this? Would love to play it. OR did I do something wrong here? Maybe I just don't get it. Thank you!

Sorry I know this was 20 days ago, but I just realized in the last update I accidentally made the game start on the final level, that's why you kept dying! I am so sorry!

I fixed it. It now starts on the first level as it should. If you are still interested in giving it a play, I hope you have a better time with it now!

This game is impossible to beat 


I fixed it, it's no longer impossible sorry

I'll give it a tr


Ah! Now it's good. I enjoyed it