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This is fun!


Great Game!



Who's here because of Dantdm


I mean who isn't

Yea I am

I am, pretty fun


Not me, i was just lookin throughh tv game jam, saw his vid hust after C:




wow cool

I hit the bell as a guy went to hell and death fleed far away from me i guess we will miss him

(lol R.I.P. Death you will be missed)


hello ive come to this game beacause dantdm played it

and i wanna m,urder everyone

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kypello this stinks my game is slow and it says that I cannot play this game unless I have a Protable toaster

Excuse me why is my screen showing something scary on it


My dog killed my cat :(

May I play this game plz plz plz

Every time I run this I either get 1 FPS gameplay or it just crashes, why is that?

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Deleted 1 year ago


wow this amazing i seen dantdm play this wow

this was amazing

thank you :)

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make a pause button! please


i really like this


I'm stuck on the loading screen


E p i c .

imagine a side game where you go on a really awkward date with the grim reaper




what is wrong with me

I love the Shellstrop reference. I too have watch and enjoyed The Good Place!

I like the game, it's well done and it looks like Paper Please 💀

i saw dantdm play this

Ya, that's what got me here in the 1st place! This games SO COOL!


and laggy

i didnt find any glitches, and had no lag whatsoever

Must be your internet probably

really glitchy

i mean kypello can you pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase fix the loading im stuck on the gateway screen

me too lol 

bruh my second attemtemp took 3 seconds

it takes so long to load

DanTDM sent me.

lol me too

me too

me to


wait.....can u play this on iPad? i am confused

no you need a space bar im sure

after I click on apply it goes to the start again (yes i’ve tried it on computer) so is there any way to fix that?

I like the game but can you please speed up the talking? Its slow for me. And can you please make a ending like if you sent more people to the good place you would meet God, or something? Its a really great game.


Hey, nice game mate. The scrolling speed could be a little quicker though.

An spanish version pls

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it wont load... anyway to fix that? it stuck on the loading screen... i left it for like a good 11 minutes and it still wouldnt load... :(

Hii I LOVE the gamebut it takes a good while to load....

KYPELLO, your game is lagging so please fix that please

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