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I liked the game! It was pretty funny. My favorite character was, of course, Spooky Ghost. I also love how Jerry is in the "Can't enter the party" list. Fits in pretty well with his character.


(game at 35:31)
This was a very charming little game! The characters were funny, the style was endearing, the challenge was simple enough to keep me interested all the way through. Great work!

thank you for playing and streaming it, I'm glad you liked it! :)


I got 300/300! 〵(^ o ^)〴



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1. Look EVERYWHERE, I don't care if you've already looked in the pumpkin patch, or the graveyard, look again. You never know! :D
2. Everyone gives up when they get to the 280s or 290s, but if you go behind Ye Olde Mansion, there is a patch of 10 candies 
3. Hoped this helped! Have fun! :)


im guessing jerry isnt invited to this party either?


nah, i don't think he is, he's too stupid to even read a map, and if he stumbled apon the party, he'd beeline it for the pumpkin patch and eat all the pumkins.

Turns out, behind the security guard, there is a paper that says that Jerry is banned from the party. He wasn't invited.

Ur a legend


283/300, I looked everywhere lol

go behind the mansion ;)

Nice little Spoopy game, kip going bud 

thanks :)

300/300 :)


make more games pleace

I will don’t worry

Best creator ever

thanks <3

300/300, nice game


easy game, keep it up pls

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note for kypello: franklin says "this party is -stricty- for monsters"

and also, you learned from my stupidity, eh?

said in the desc you can change the sensitivity.

ok, most horrifying game i've played yet

Have a good day! 

Hey thanks for playing! Yeah I tried to make the sensitivity thing more obvious this time, hopefully you found it ok :)

ye lol

i liked it :)





An hour well spent