Are you tired of digging up dry, dusty minerals? Sick of the dingy, gloomy mineshafts? Want something a little more... nautical? 
BEHOLD! The Mining Submarine™™™™™!!
It's basically a normal submarine but we stuck a giant drill on the bottom ok? 

You can take in the thrills of a good mining session while enjoying the calm blueness of the ocean floor, because that's where you'll be digging!

-The Mining Submarine™ uses advanced technology to follow your mouse, to the best of its ability
-You can shoot missiles using the arrow keys

But be cautious, for these waters are not entirely smooth sailing. You may encounter:
-Sharks which will attempt to eat your sub*
-Nets that can get tangled up in your drill
-Squids which can obscure your view with ink (although their ink sells for a lot of money!)
-Treasure chests carelessly discarded into the ol' drink
-And the unknown horrors of the deep sea...

*Mining Submarine™ not responsible for injury or death by consumption from large aquatic predators

Made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 48

Ludum Dare page:

Source Code:

Update 26/4/21 - Tweaked the WebGL version to make the resolution work properly. No changes to the game itself were made, in keeping with LD rules.


Download 23 MB
Download 23 MB


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im like 2nd lol



lovely game