Warning: After killing all enemies in a level, don't press Z or use an hourglass. Doing either of these things after killing all enemies will cause the game to softlock and you will have to restart.

Also Note: Fullscreen was causing problems, so there is no fullscreen, sorry (I think it's still possible to go in fullscreen on the itch app, in which case I recommend small screen for the optimal experience).

Chess Dungeon is a roguelike in which you will be dropped into a procedurally-generated checkerboard dungeon filled with treasure and enemy chess pieces.

When the timer in the top right corner reaches zero, you will turn into a different piece with different movement rules.

Items you collect or buy will appear on the inventory bar at the bottom of the screen. Hover over an item to see its description, and click on it to use it.

The goal of each level is to find a key, and then make your way to the level exit, which is a keyhole. There are four levels. After completing each level, your max health will increase by one.


-Click on a space with an X to move to that space.

-Press Z to skip your turn, if you are in a particularly difficult position and not moving is the best course of action.

-After closing a merchant's screen, while you are still standing on the merchant's space, pressing Z will also re-enter the merchant screen. He may have different items to sell.

-Hold C to zoom the camera out and get a better view of your surroundings, because there may be enemies waiting to ambush you outside the regular field of view.

-Enemies cannot move onto or through spaces with chests. While you are standing on a chest, you are safe.

-When you are in control of a pawn, you will become a queen if you hit a wall in front of you. Enemy pawns cannot do this however.

This game was made in 48 hours for the GMTK Jam 2020. Music was made by Scowsh (twitter.com/ScowshMolosh)

Chess Movement Rules:

-Pawns can only move directly up one space, unless there is an opposing piece to the top-left or top-right, in which case they can attack in that direction.

-Rooks can move any number of spaces in a vertical or horizontal line.

-Bishops can move any number of spaces in a diagonal line.

-Knights move in an L shape, or two spaces in any direction plus one space in a perpendicular direction. Unlike other pieces, they can jump over anything.

-Queens can move like rooks AND bishops. They can move any number of spaces in one of the eight directions.

-Kings can also move in eight directions, but only one space at a time.


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you can use wings twice in one move

zero deaths : )


I really love the concept. I wish it was faster though. I mean when I make a move I have to wait 1 second for the animation to recenter the screen, this is annoying after playing few moves. Another improvement would be to propose zoom in zoom out (- and + keys) because the c key is useless it will zoom too far and it's hard to distinguish what's on the map. Other than that the game is well developed I think it just needs more polishing.

Please, compile an executable for Windows.

Right here https://kypello.itch.io/altdownloads
The reason I don't have it on the main page is because I didn't want people playing it in full screen, because it messes up the UI

great game mate :D

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Deleted 1 year ago

Played to the end. I love it.


I am a month in to development on the exact same game, with the exact same concept and the exact same name....... How. 


That's pretty crazy, can you send me a link? I kinda want to see that for myself if it is true

Chess are very interesting and awesome game. You can make endless number of very different games basing on classic chess rules. I like your game but it's way to easy for someone who plays chess.

very goood game!

this looks N E A T

Such an interesting concept!

Really nice work!