Clockwork Garden is a relaxing architectural puzzle.

P = Settings Menu (graphics and mouse sensitivity)

WASD = Move

Left Click = Interact

This game was created for the 2020 Unexpected Game Jam.

Made during the jam:

Game - kypello

Music - Yinoue Music

Not made during the jam:

Sound Effects - From Sony Sound Effects Library

Dreamlo - Carmine T Guida

9/14 - Minor post-jam update - Lowered minimum sensitivity setting


Download 119 MB
Download 117 MB


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This game is visually stunning and has an amazing gameplay experience. 

this was awesome!

The game is so pretty, I can't quite figure out why, other than just, polygons, but this game feels like it came right out of the ps1, makes it feel nostalgic.

epic game 12/10