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i want a full game of this, this was so creative!

love it but to much sensetivaty in my oponyon 99/100

you can adjust the sensitivity by pressing P


thanks 👍


np :)




Btw I played a few  of your games!

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Loved this game so much!!! It took me a while to complete but I managed to figure it out :3
There's only an issue I found tho, (spoiler ahead)

Whenever the water is flowing, something starts to leak in memory and it reached more than 10GB of used ram lmao

Weird, I'm not sure what causes that but I'm glad you were able to reach the end anyway. Thanks for playing :)

aAhH! sensitivity!

its a great game but please, please, lower the sensitivity.

there’s an option to change the sensitivity if you press P :)

oh thanks for letting me know :)



This game is visually stunning and has an amazing gameplay experience. 

this was awesome!

The game is so pretty, I can't quite figure out why, other than just, polygons, but this game feels like it came right out of the ps1, makes it feel nostalgic.

epic game 12/10