HOWDY!!! Welcome to your first day at Ganymede Shipping Company, the fastest delivery service this side of the Asteroid Belt. We ship all sorts of packages to every corner of the solar system. Your job is to inspect outgoing packages to make sure their documentation is all in order.

How to Play:
-Click on stickers from the Sticker Palette on the right of the screen, and place them somewhere on the package in front of you
-For each package, you can either Approve or Deny it by placing a green or red sticker on it respectively
-After Approving or Denying the package, click the button labelled "Next" to call the next package
-Some stickers require additional data to be entered. To do this, simply click on the data field on the sticker, and either type in a number or select an entry from a dropdown menu
-Make sure all rules are followed properly. To see a full list of rules that currently apply, click on the button labelled "View Rulebook"

-Music: "Screen Saver" and "Space Jazz" by Kevin Macleod
-Some sound effects from Sony Sound Effect Library 2004
-Planet symbols from Wikimedia Commons
-Fonts: Deja Vu Sans Mono, Liberation Sans, Game of Squid by Darrell Flood

Made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 53
LD page:

Update Log
1.1 (2/5/22)
-Fixed incorrect display on different aspect ratios/resolutions (hopefully)
-Fixed incorrect color on dropdown menu

1.2 (24/5/22)
-Visual update
-New rules are now highlighted
-Added rulebook and planet list icons
-Rogue typos and capitalisation

-1.2.1 (24/5/22)
-I did a silly and messed up the timer but I fixed it now

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
GenreSimulation, Puzzle
Tags3D, deliver, ganymede, job-system, Ludum Dare 53, mail, Space
LinksLudum Dare


Download 41 MB
Download 50 MB


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Very fun! I never ought to think of it, but there should be more Papers Please inspired package checking games. I liked it a lot!

~36 correct

4 incorrect

Also i just got an idea for a suggestion:

Maybe make a (at least semi-serious) horror game? It would be fun and interesting to see what you come up with! No pressure, ofc :)

thanks for playing! :)


Muy bien. Me gusta el aspecto de Papers Please cada vez más difícil. También que se está conectando a tu otro juego.

Yeah uhm i dont actually speak spanish but still very good game.

Most people propably only know you from your shitpost but i would be happy if you´d continue making games like these 

(Maybe even start doing Devlogs on yt or smth like that?!)


thanks :) glad you like it! I don’t think I’d be very good at making devlogs but I’m absolutely going to keep making more games!