Hedgehog life is pretty chill. You just kinda do stuff and everything's fine. Then winter comes and suddenly it's SO COLD!!! To keep warm, you need leaves to insulate your nest. The evil snakes and birds are out to attack you, because they gotta eat for the winter!

-Use only the left and right arrows to steer your movement

-Collect leaves and bring them back to your nest

-Return to your nest to drop leaves and recover health

-Avoid hungry snakes and birds

-You only have until nightfall to collect leaves

Made for Two Buttons Jam and for a school project. The themes I used were "leaves" and "midnight".

Music: "Industrious Ferret", "Hackbeat", and "Zombie Chase" by Kevin Macleod: https://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/music.html


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i did it

I loved playing this game, but the ending is really dull.