You and your ghost buddies are having a fun party together.

There's just one problem - Jerry is stupid and annoying and keeps getting himself in danger, and if he dies, he will become a ghost and will ruin your party.

In each level, you must quickly figure out how to prevent Jerry from dying in order to keep the party alive.

-WASD to move

-Click to pick up and throw objects

-This game was made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 46. The theme was "Keep it alive".

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(128 total ratings)
Made withUnity
Tags3D, First-Person, Funny, Ghosts, Ludum Dare 46, Physics, Spooky, Unity
LinksLudum Dare


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bro great game but plz more levels



20/10  GOD 

This game was fire.

I give it a solid 11/10.

Would recommend to some friends if I had any.


i love this



i kinda wish this was downloadable

get the itch  aapp

this is such a funny premise


This game was really Fun!!!! 


thanks for playing! :)


i love you jerry


Ugh not Jerry.

still a good game :)

(1 edit) (+1)

kypello can you somehow give me the party music or something i really liked the party music

also ur game was pretty good i liked it for a short game

sure, maybe add me on discord and I can send you the file

of course, how can i add you

go to add friend and type "kypello" and it should come up with my account


best game ever! never invite jerry to your party :)

100000/10 perfect game! i hope we get more like this :D


LOVED IT! hope that we get more!

You make me hate Jerry more now :D
I'm glad this game exist!


This game proves that games can be wildly entertaining even if they're made in a short amount of time with, few resources, and by only one developer, as long as they have a great idea (and a good sense of humor). Honestly a breath of fresh air from all the dark and gritty existential horror games I've played. Great job!

thanks! :)



softlocked myself cuz i threw the key through the wall in the beginning



jerry is just like me (:

this game was actually really fun

Lots of fun! doofus jerry sounds way too smart to be that incompetent. 

NGL, very fun game, recommend playing!

I did it :)



I love Jerry. Played it in my three weird games playthrough

lol thanks for playing

pretty cool game and jerry sucks


Me before I had to save Jerry: Isn't not inviting this guy a bit.. rude?

Me after I had to save Jerry from himself what felt like 999999 times: God damnit Jerry, what's wrong with you?


jerry has the iq of seaweed



wheres ice age baby adventre 2 }:(

lmfao is jerry blind or smth does he not have eyes

he does have eyes but he doesn’t use them

(3 edits)

oh wow whats the point of even having them if he doesnt even use them-

(and the fact that he can see the road but cant even protect himself from being wrecked by a fucking car-)


I leik dis game
Jerry so stopid  and dumb, no one likes u jerry


I completed it and is pretty Funny... Good luck Jerry!


jerry is dumb af

The Funest game

Jerry is so dumb, go eat poop dog, Jerry.


Stupid Jerry. Should've fought the dog with the hedge trimmers.

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