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i saved jerry

on the dog level i threw a plank at it thinking it would chase it

i am so dumb

amazing, truly among shakespears works in terms of literatal value

This is actually really fun!!


what the hell is this game!!!!!!!!!!!! stuc on one part

when will there be more levels?


I love this game! this is so funny! It took me a bit to figure out what to do but I managed.

Yeah, me too


i love that game and i completed it!

me too




Jerry:OH yaY i GeT bUlLiEED I mUsT dIe


i love this game


if I wasn't there Jerry was going to die every 5 minutes

kypello i subscribed to you on youtube and the peppa pig edit is awesome

PLOT TWIST: the dog was jerry's dog and the dog was mad at him bc he did not give him biscut

Stupid Jerry with his stupid face No one likes him









great, but pretty short

This was great

sooo funnn


It's a fun game game and i like how its played but the game could be better with a free play mode like a SandBox type map.

yea. but it still is good

It is but its short and it wont be fun playing with the grabbing physics for like 15 seconds


stupid jerry

100/1 holy macaroni this is the best game ever keanue reeves or whatever his name is should act in it there should be a live action film this game should be compatible with raytracing sick game play it now or die

Perfect characters, Graphics are astonishing, Plot is so well built,10/10

I love this. This is so great and re-playable, I love it


beaten it,very easy and fun 10/10

Ice Age Baby Seqeul  should be in space either in the moon or mars


F in the chat for Jerry no one likes him :(

fun game


good game it was rlly fun


Pretty funny. That milk bit was stressing me out for a while haha.

poor jerry

Great game! I really liked the music. The only thing that was bothering me is that pressing escape to skip the scenes exits out of fullscreen mode, so changing that button would be good.



I love this game,  I have been waiting for a release for a long time since kill ice age baby and i'm glad it came out.


wait is this jerry from undertale

We have found canon material.

Woah this is pretty fun. I love every single level is unique from one another. Just a tips, it is too fast paced. But for a game make in 2 days, I love it