Kennan (noun):

A person who is intelligent sometimes

This is basically a goofy physics sandbox game where you just mess around with stuff. Pick up dudes and throw them and each other, throw a record at a trampoline, shove a  guy down the slide, there are no rules just have fun.

PlatformsmacOS, HTML5
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(32 total ratings)
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Funny, goofy, Physics, Sandbox, Unity


Kennan 25 MB

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I recommend downloading this game for Mac

However you can play in browser if you want to

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if you zoom in you will see a dot and that's a ragdoll or whatever you call them and I sent them flying by throwing a grenade in the water and going on the see-saw holding them and letting them go at a specific time

well you just gotta let them go after you get stuck in the air then they go flyin

first try

if you throw them at the cd player they go flying

man i wish this was multi player lol

 so I figured out how to shrink the ragdolls

ooooh how???


Can you make an boss fight or an new update in the Ice baby Game Please?. Also The game was an 10/10.

                                      Thank You.

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plot - 10/10

graphics - 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000/10 (better than in cyberpunk 2077)

characters - 8/10 (little dudes were evil)


when new update


one day I promise

Deleted 233 days ago

UMMM Why when you grab a person you grab their private part?!?!?


to make the game better 


brother wtf..?

put a ragdoll in the ground multiple times and then put it on the trampoline and it bounce into the water

do this if you want to make a item bounce higher 1 grab the rock stand on the trampoline turn your camera up and the rock will bounce higher

how do you play the music?? the things just go flying away when i try

it should work if you just throw records at the record player

oh, haha thanks!

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Fun Fact: If you hold a person below you, jump, flick and hold the person again still facing down, then jump again, it is possible to jump higher than normally, and possibly infinite jump.

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Also, you can throw a bomb into the water, then run on top of the seesaw and wait for the bomb to go off.  Do not move.  Then, once it goes off, you will get flung up and will float for a second or two before falling back down.



how do i hack.

well this game seem good, if there are no rules, are hackers allowed?

yeah go ahead

THIS GAME IS AWESOME. do u think u could add a ragdoll button and or a third person button

and for other players, found some fun glitches

1: if you put a ragdoll in the ground multiple times there's a chance that said ragdoll might shrink.

2: put a ragdoll or something inside the record player and it goes flying into the sky

3: you can use a ragdoll to fly, just grab one aim at the ground and hit E and Spacebar really quickly

4:those are the only ones i know so far i'll prolly find more :)


1. the soccer ball is the only object that you can knock people over with while you hold it so you can have fun with that

2.if you jump off the world while holding the soccer ball under you, it will disappear and can fall wherever you want it to by pointing somewhere while holding the invisible ball and letting so and it will fall out of the sky

and if you put the rock under the seesaw then put the bomb under the other side of the seesaw then the seesaw will catapult the rock across the map

thanks that's awesome, i'll try it out r


This game sick! Can you add on to the game? I love it! 




Say GoodBay



you know the rules and so do i..SAY GOODBYE! *SHOOT*

How about you

Uhh are you making a boss fight game or a sequel to the ice age baby one

No and no

please make a sequal to ice age baby

01001000 01000101 01001100 01001100 01001111 !


01101000 01101001 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 01110010 01100101

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are you going to update this game, you don't have to but I really like it and it would be cool if you added a ragdoll for the player so he (or she) could fall over if you press q or something

If you don't really like that idea, I have a bit more

1. make the map a bit bigger (like a meter on all sides)

2. (workes better if you also do 1) add a small house with a little fireplace this if you put people in, they pop out the chimney

3. add little secrets, like a small room under the map that people would accidentally go in when they fall off the edge if they are lucky.

4. add a dog


Maybe I should make a sequel


That would be cool, but keep it at least a bit stupid, that is what makes it funny


dam i got rickrolled

that's sad

haha this is awesome!

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if you repeatedly grab people you can make them tiny

it's so cute!

I love this game so much its the best to me 

but destruction sim is really the best

i love your games that look like this (ice age baby, this, not invited)

btw most epic explosion effect ever coolest explosions ever

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it good :) but add a new map plz :) also this would probably be what i would make out of unity sooooooo...

pls battle royale




dude the best game i have played

Maybye change the hold button from e to lmb?

Also Windows?

Source Code?


can you make it so there is a windows download?


pls turn this into a multiplayer


Battle Royale mode


wait did u rly do that


no i was joking


oh aight




I read this