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i did it because there was no enemies

omg omg, I beat it!


Its alright so far. I think it's kind of unfair that enemies are quick, and i dont really like the cave bit.


Love the art style and the music, but two things make the game mostly unplayable for me: 1. The speed at which the enemies fly. They enter the screen so quickly that you have no way of dodging them, and the lightning only aims down so if they come in above you (what usually happens), you die. 2. The random generation of the enemies. A lot of the time the enemies are already on top of you when you start the game, and you die instantly. Maybe consider some sort of code that deals with proximity to the player? Maybe the enemies' velocity would be lower until the player enters x proximity, and then the enemy essentially "targets" the player? I'd also probably think about two changes to the player character. 1. Increase velocity so the character doesn't feel quite as sluggish, and 2. Add a "scoot" mechanic, in which you press x button and the velocity will accelerate rapidly for a moment, allowing the character to kinda zip forward every time the button is pressed. Maybe with a cooldown? 

Just some thoughts. Great work guys. :) This game has a lot of potential.