Prospector Stanley heads out west hoping to get rich with a bit of gold mining. Because, you see, gold is his life.

-I created this game in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 44, with the theme Your Life is Currency. Ludum Dare page link:

-Click the gold rock to mine gold.

-Buy miners and fancy technology with gold, to mine more gold for you. Place them next to a cave in your mine. (There are multiple pages of items to buy. Click the arrows to scroll up or down.)

-With enough gold, you can expand your mine and get even more gold.


-Gold gold gold gold


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looks like someone had a little too much gold

This is incredibly awful, but in the best way possible. I love it.


This is so terrible and I love it

R.I.P Stanley the prospector 1848–1855 He lived a not so modest life and maybe not the smoothest voice but his memory will all be in our hearts.


I like the sound when the coins pop out, it sounds like making popcorn! I think it would be cool if his property also showed an increase in wealth. maybe he builds a golden statue of himself and it falls on him. I had fun, good work!


Nice game and art style. I just would like he didn't die, or at least not so fast.

it doesnt load for me?

what could the problem be?