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my braincells are gone

that was me, I stole your brain cells

this game is cute. i love how the textures look and code to make the robot move!

thanks :)

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cool and based


This is a little great game! It would be neat to have more levels added to the game that expanded more on this concept, or at the very least, some sort of level editor mode that allows you to create your own puzzles, though the last one might be tricky.

My brain now hurts from this shit.

lol sorry

very cool :) would love an extended version. really loved the DOS-esque graphics style.


though the robot is a bit slow... but its fine

thank you for playing!!



Just some improvement ideas

The robot moved a bit too slow, the last level, I just sat there waiting for the robot to finish.

A check for "holding" a crate. On the last level, I had to check if there was a pit in front of the robot to signal that there are no more crates and it worked well, but it would of been more efficient to check if the robot was holding a crate.

Overall, good game for a 72 hour project, don't worry about the improvements, it was just a game-jam game. It was fun.


This is amazing! I really want you or someone else to make this a full game!

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Cool game! Wish it could implement more mechanics but overrall a great game!


Cool stuff, can you add features that allow you to actually implement some data structures? That would be great. Also, if you add a level editor, that allows players to upload their own maps and try maps made by others? That would help expand your game easily


As a coder myself I absolutely loved this, you could add a challenge mode where you have to beat a level with the lowest amount of lines of code, I think that it would be great addition.


Nice. i really liked the last level that forces the player to actually make an algorithm than just to bruteforce through the problem like the snake level.

for a 72-hour project 10/10

thank you so much for playing! I never intended for the snake bridge level to be solved through brute force - it is doable with an algorithm just like with the final level :)


Extremely cool game Idea.

thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed!!

If you want a bit of "suggestions for improvement":

The selection for the variables, like for move(x) could be a bit more clear. I often found myself taking the block when wanting to edit the number. It would also be cool if we could have multiple conditions in an if or while statement.


I had a similar idea too but I thought it might be to hard for my tiny brain to execute in a 72 hour period. Really cool game I enjoyed it a lot(aside from some bugs). In the last level where you make platforms from crates it detects the crate that is beneath and in front of it as if it is in front

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thanks for playing! The thing with detecting a crate in front has already been fixed, I'm just in the process of uploading the fixes now that the rating period is over


Coding part is cool 


Idk why but seeing my robot die hurts my soul.


A thing stopping me from experiementing more with the code is that I just kept losing it everytime ym robot died. - Save the code everytime your robot dies

The doors and buttons are SO LOUD! - fix sound plz

the 3rd level is quite hard! Maybe Im just dumb but, I either kept falling off the platform waiting for the robot to do its thing or the robot fell off and it was so annoying having to re-type everything back into him. 

maybe cuz it was a game jam game, you wanted to show as many features as quick as possible so the levels scaled quite high.

- make it easier lol


Oh, and also counting the metal grids is a pain. I miss calculated a few times because its hard to see how many there are 

That's because you're not supposed to count the times the robot has to move, intended method (and much more satisfying) is to create an algorithm that can solve the maze automatically using the variables.

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You can't see what button to restart the game lmao.

Its good though! How the heck did u do the code stuff?! Im guessing they are just images? IDK!


lol you have to the other side of the door to see the full message, because that's the first point where you can get stuck and need to restart (if the door closes behind you and leaves you trapped)

Each line of code is its own text box, and the text box gets updated whenever you drag a line of code on top of it



very very original! i definitely recommend.

thank you! :)

I wasn't told how stacked boxes work


I wish there was an if for if you were holding a box


that's actually a great idea, I might add that to my post-jam version!

You're welcome! it thought of it because of how the final level works, and how the if for if there's a box in front of you detects the box that you're using to make the platform

I was hoping for more advanced coding, but still cool:)

Completed in 21 minutes.

I think I found a bug: in level with a "snake" over pit this was supposed to be a solution, but the bot didn't "break" and continued to move further past the button (and cycle around the final 3x3 area)

yeah, the break and continue statements are completely broken, sorry about that