Somethin' ain't right 'bout somethin' 'round here. Just can't put my finger on what.

In this game, you will be placed inside a small room. You must pay careful attention to the objects in the room, because the room will soon go dark. When the lights come back on, you'll notice that only one thing has changed. Your job is to decide what doesn't belong.

- Controls: WASD and mouse

- This game was made in 48 hours for the Game Maker's Toolkit jam 2019

- Game by kypello, music by Scowsh

- Font "Betty Noir" from DaFont

- I think this would be cool in VR but I don't have the tech

Install instructions

I haven't tested the Windows or Linux builds, I just threw them in there. If either of them don't work let me know and I will fix or take them down.


Somethin' Ain't 22 MB
Somethin' Ain't Right 22 MB
Somethin' Ain't Right 22 MB


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hey kypello, just wanted to say, i love your games, keep up the good work!🙂

Thank you :)


e z


Cool game :) 

I think when you spawn back into the room, you should be facing downwards. You spawn back in the same position and sometimes the object you were last staring at is the one that changed.

Incredible that you made this in 48 hours!


oof i just beat it first try

good game though

is this horror game





Game is simple, but very interesting.

easy, but fun!


i won impossible first try

Simple but enjoyable 😄

Dis Game is so cool 

I just realized you can reply to your own comment LOL