this game is just one giant shitpost

Updated 25 days ago
Published 28 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Made withUnity
Tags3D, ice-age-baby, meme, memes


Ice Age Baby 57 MB
Ice Age Baby 58 MB
Ice Age Baby 60 MB


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ay, what's the song when you enter the shop called?

undertale shop

play it play play play it play play play it

8/10 game. first playthrough was about 30 minutes, but my speedrun was about 5. this shows how you did a lot with a little, which is some very respectable game design. this comment is not sarcastic despite the overall tone of the game (which I love) I would enjoy more games like this. not nessesaraly a sequel (because of how short a meme's lifespan is), but maybe something with a similar gameplay style with the same theme of "shitposts"

to reiterate, 8/10



Currently making a shit speedrun for this game cause of how beautiful it is.

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i want this please please also two burnie sanders 

this is art


I love this game! It's really fun and creative even if it is really random lol


Might be the funniest game i have ever played! Love the style and all the memes! Super fun, great job!


this is amazing! Best game I've ever played


This is art!!! Thank you for spawning this masterpiece...


perfect game ima show it to friends

yeah, do it in some way that lets you see their reaction.  I asked one of my friends on discord to play this game, and we had a blast with it.

jk 10/10 but add paparus in the next game




Thanks for putting my boy carl azuz in there.



best game I've ever played. It touched my soul, and taught me life lesson. Game of the year, the new decade too maybe. One masterpiece that people, even other creatures will find it meaningful after centuries

10/10 need more


This game is like nothing I have ever played before. Throughout the span of my short life, i have played many games, both bad games and good games. In my last days here on Earth I have fallen into a severe depression, how could I fulfill my life meaning in such a short time? It felt like an impossible task which only boosted my depression, causing a feedback loop where i would feel worse and worse by every day, every hour, every minute that passes. But now, after  played this masterpiece of a game, my life has been fulfilled, and I can rest at ease. Thank you, to whoever made this game, i am forever grateful.

Best game ever

This game was deceptively fun! I had a blast playing it! Good job!

what do you mean "deceptively"? i fell in love with this game the second I saw the title

I did it I almost saved the world

I found him! But I lost the crünch 😭

the greatest game ever created

If this aint gonna be game of the year then I don't know what is! 12/10, would play again (n again), super funny, classic meme shit post which is perfect n I enjoyed every single moment haha! Good job kypello!

i am once again asking for financial support a part 2 of this game

i know you can't just let that icey baby live

I played this all the way through last night and I'm pretty sure I enjoyed it. I was on ambien the whole time tho

don worry u liked it this game is GOTY material 4 sure

I have been playing this game for a week. I have become obsessed with speedrunning it. My time is now below 3 minutes. I have tried my hardest to get out of bounds and have succeeded. Anyone else with tricks or tips?

dude how did u get out tho

I did not. I jumped from building to building and reset when I fell. 

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My best time is 2.41, wbu?

Edit: I got it down to a 1:50

ware is sequl. i wan kill ice age baby 4 real now. (no but srsly tho kypello i actually will start murdering people if you don't complete the sequel in the next week b/c this quarantine is boring af k? thx.)


PS I kno ware u live so hurry up

yeah there is PLENTY of time to make a sequel where you can really destroy that icey baby


and the most satisfying :D


the most meme game I've ever played


Walkthroughs kill Ice Age Baby

wakltoughs kil ic ag bebi


10/10 IGN 


truly the best triple A title of the year.  captivating.

Very good, very hyped fo sequel

Delicious. I absolutely love this and it made me laugh at 3 am.

Beat it in 2:50

Have you found any new strats? I have managed to clip by jumping on Bernie Sanders and then a flagpole and then the tourture chamber to skip buying the machette and therefore skipping talking to the planar being guy. I don't know if this saves time or not. I wanna know; Have you found or used similar things?

the fastest time as far as I’m aware is 1:43

Holy frick. His text scrolls like 10X faster than mine, seeing as I'm on a chromebook. I had no idea you could jump over the fence. Did you ever anticipate people actually speedrunning a game this odd?

Deleted 7 days ago

actually it’s just a bug. Part of the cheese is clipping through the bottom of the ice and you can get it if you click in the right spot

I beat it in 1:50, wanna collab and beat the best time?

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