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I've never experienced something so beautiful this is not just a game, a shitpost this is a work of God. keep on working buddy


you should make a game were the only thing you do is torture ice age baby and he has infinite health


I loved the game. The story was very pleasing and I am happy there is a game to help me cope with the amount of hate i have for ice age baby. Sadly, I was unsatisfied with the ending of the game. I am currently crying while typing this due to the demon ice age baby escaping. Please make another, I would love to finish that devil child off.


I played on mute, actually an okay game. Good story overall, nice gameplay mechanics to keep me coming back, and a maze and parkour puzzle, not to hard but not to easy! I just don't know if the game was supposed to end after Baby escapes with 1 health...


Hey, Proffessional game speedruner here. I will do a speedrun of this game and upload it to youtube. I love this game. It definitelly has the c r u n c h it needs

Is there any way to skip the text?

you spam the interaction button

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Holy Hell.

I hope this is a joke.


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No it isnt a joke. 

What are you gonna do about it?



Hey Flanders

What are you going to do about it? Get off the internet you fucking clown.


well dont be so rud

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Naah fuck that. Everyones cruel to each other. May as well get with the times. Fuck you to.


i literally made an account to tell to to go fucking kill yourself and burn in hell, this developer can actually make games. what can you do? suck you moms dick?

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go away low iq post. go back to your circus cage you fucking baboon.


Woah, woah!

We don't have to fight, y'know.

He started talking shit so i had to say something back


My post is low IQ? i swear i fucking lost all of my brain cells just looking at your post, i did not even have to read it to know it was gonna be another shitty person like you

"i literally made an account to tell to to go fucking kill yourself and burn in hell, this developer can actually make games. what can you do? suck you moms dick?" Not low iq? hahahahahaha.


For all fans of this game i’ve started an unofficial subreddit at 

Join up!


New WR


This game let my dad come home after ten years of searching for the milk.

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I got brain cancer just from looking at the screenshots.
10/10 would degrade again

p.s. why downvote lmao

i didn't say the game is bad

well it is a shitpost, but a good shitpost


This game is a piece of art.

Normally I write a complete review of the game I've played with the pros and cons, but this.. this is an experience you have to try for yourself.

I hope there will be a part 2 some day, because my mind and body craves for it.

To me, this will top any AAA game coming out this year, hands down.


bad memes and plays obnxious loud music watch out don't play with headphones or just in general it is so loud

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here is a speedrun I did. shoutouts to sir_tyler for finding early cheese :)

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Great Speed run! Will be beating it soon tho ;)


game of the yea


its actually a good game. 


game of the year not even joking


Absolute work of god.


Why is this actually good?

I love it!


Best game on 

ez worldrecord: 02:27


Hey there, I also speedran this game for fun, I have a 2:24, not that good, I will get a video of it this weekend. I assume you also found some sort of sequence break in the game. I found out how to skip getting the ice pick. What did you skip?

how do you skip getting the ice pick if I can ask?

If you go right of the ice block, there will be a little bit of the cheese that you can see that's not inside the hitbox of the ice

Thank you dude,  I cant wait to see the video you post of the speed run. I will be trying to beat your run soon lol

My friend found a skip, there's a video of him doing it in 1:49 above, I have a 1:51 but it's beatable, also make sure you're using the donwloaded offline version, it doesn't lag


Also, when did you start and stop timing, I started when I clicked start, and stopped when the baby's HP hit 1


I had a lot of fun playing and editing this! Thank you so much lullll

I have completed the game. The lava was too cold though! MAKE A SEQUEL PLEASE


I really enjoyed it. A sequel would be cool!

awesome, good job man

Can you bring back the downloadable versions so I can play it offline please

yeah sure, I’ll try and do that later when I get home

sorry for the wait, I did an update and some stuff broke that I had to fix. Downloadable builds will be up asap 

What did this update entail?

The web build is exactly the same. I only updated my version of Unity and uploaded separate builds for mac, windows, and linux (because I did not reupload the web build it has not changed)

ah, so like all the versions you can find on newgrounds, here and other places should always be exactly the same?

yep. The downloadable builds should be the same as well, the fix I was talking about were only things caused by the update, not things that were there already

They are up. You can now download them

Whenever I start the game, it just freezes in the middle of Bernie's dialogue, and it crashes


Is it possible that you have to click to make the dialogue move forward

I can click through, but eventually it will freeze, and the game just crashes.


this was too epic

make a sequel 


thank you for this experience.

my life is changed forever.

please, make a sequel, and if one is already in the works, i hope we kill the ice age baby.

thank you sir.


This game has made me come one step closer to finding out barack obamas last name.


This game has such an insane amount of detail in both story and graphics. The music is superb and I loved the beautifully written last few scenes. I would 100% percent recommend to literally anyone.


the single greatest game of all tim


I say 100000/1 in my book. Also with is fucking great. PETITION TO MAKE THIS A MULTIMILLION DOLLAR GAME

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i didnt even play this game yet and its 10/10 in my book


im stuck i need to melt the cheese


find ice pick

ice pick is byith whom yous needs thus cheesith for

Ice pick is in the maze


This is literally the best gaem


I can't move! wazzup with that?


probably there is a dialogue box open. So just click through the dialogue. Or maybe you just have to click inside the game



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