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This is the pinnacle of gamming, loved every simgle part of the game.


beautifull piece of work, please make somes others, I love it


it’s working for you now?


its no letting me play it D:

Henlo again


wow. epicc, this cured a disease I might have. I gamed. this made me more of a gamer. society, gamers rise up  

made a sequl to the share my story adventure

made a unofficial sequel

Thank you

Np! Currently creating a better version using the source code

can someone make a sequel. i may have lost some brain cells but that doesnt stop me from thinking that this game is the best game ever

im almost done

my mod sequel is almost done, just need to import some more textures and fix tiny bugs

im gonna make a sequel no need to ask




This is the best game I have ever played in my entire life. It ascended me to a higher plane of thinking.


Very fun needs a sequel..


I played this game with my friends at school a month or two ago. We loved it, but we do wish for a sequel :3


What did I just play and why?

ive made a game from the source code i know it took long but its released ive gave a new coat of paint feel free to dl i wasnt able to make playable on webgl yet

p.s if theres a seqeul make it in space

Thank you, that was amazing

know what planet to place the sequel of ice age baby in


I just speedran this game and it took me 4:30


Make A Damn Sequel

make sequl


Great Game

ah ha yes dead ice age baby


To killFound inHaters
Ice Age BabyIraqIce Age Baby Haters

im speedrunning this soon im going for WR wish me luck

Good luck


We joke, but Ice age baby memes is an extremely disgusting child abuse. It supports child abuse even more so than child caring. I remember watching ice age when i was a kid and the baby is supportive they make people follow, and have camps for like 8 year olds to see who they can manipulate into being a star. But the stupid kill the ice age baby meme and child abuse itself is pretty much brainwashing people into being hating the baby with their mundane, shitty ass lives. so Fuck This meme, and fuck the abusers who worship this meme.

#Leaveiceagebabyalone #youguysarejustmean


shut the fuck up


What in the wolf did you just howlin' say about me you little milk-sop? I'll have you know I was throned the top of my tribe in the kingdom of the Russ and I've been involved in numerous executions of Traitor Primarchs and I have over 300 million confirmed kills. I am trained in wolf warfare- and I am the top CQC expert in all of the Imperium. Ye aren't nothing to me but just another Nancy Lion-Lover BITCH!


maybe you should play the game and see the end lol ice age baby did many numerous war crimes


what is the music in this game please give me all the music


onett - earthbound, shop - undertale, pizza theme - spider man 2, norfair- super metroid 



this games 100% full of memes


i liked this game it was funny





lmao this is hilarious, thanks

please have a source code so i can make my own verison of this

Have fun, let me know if you end up making anything

thanks but what software i need like which unity i have unity 5.5.5 for distance

Unity 2019.3.3f1



Deleted 79 days ago

i will now make a sequel

it doesnt word

Blyatifulll ♥




Please make a sequel so we can kill Ice Age Baby.





ay, what's the song when you enter the shop called?

undertale shop

play it play play play it play play play it

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