In the Afterlife, there's a good place, and there's a bad place. And it's your job to inspect souls and decide their fate.

-Souls are sent into your office. 

-Review their documents, make sure everything's in order, and sent them on their way to the good place, or the bad place. 

-It's really quite simple, as far as jobs go.

This game was created in a little over a week for TV Game Jam. It is inspired by the TV show, "The Good Place". It's also inspired by the game Papers Please.

Game - kypello. 

Music/SFX - scowsh. (

I don't recommend full screen mode, as it can make the game run slowly.


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Hey do you think you could make a mobile version of this game, I'll help you code it

the game is not loading pictures for me how do i change that

Try newgrounds?

Takes forever to load into this game

Sorry man. That’s just your computer

Hello lol


Can u make a longer game of this please its annoying that u go through the same rules over and over again.

Umm so I have a question...

Idk why but it says I cant record this game for my yt channel...

You can record it. Where does it say that?

On my recording system it says: Only games can be recorded.  I tried again and it worked but quickly turned off. 

And I don't get it Only games can be recorded, But it is a game!

Maybe use a different recording software?

Hmm Ill try... Ill tell you the results later I guess :P

But I on a computer so..Ill try to find something to record wit


its so cool!

Great game please make a continues version because id like to play after 7 days so like a n infinite version

Hey how long untill this is available for  mobile? 

Most likely never, sorry

Fair enough, great game tho

i will make a video about this awesome game, its funny and serious at the same time, you don't see games like this very often.

Nice thanks!

nice work, guys! love the concept!







When iam so fast the game stop working


DaNtDm AnYoNe?


DaNtDm AnYoNe?

yEs mY dOOd


yAy, Im NoT aLoNe. OnE qUeStIoN... wHy ArE aLl FrOgS? xD

dUnNo LoL






this was extremely funny i like how god just punches them LOL

I CANT PLAY THE GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!!!!!!

Could you maybe bring in the game and not start over? Thanks in advance ^^

Not sure what you're asking

Maybe they're asking for the game not to restart everything they refresh or close the tab? Like an in-game save? Just a guess, just as confused as you are

The screen is just black with music playing and won't show anything, what do I do? I'm on a computer and not on full screen...

I uploaded it to Newgrounds as well so try there:

It won't work on there either, how do I fix it?

The screen is black with music playing and I have no clue what to do....

I uploaded it to Newgrounds as well so try there:

it works but.....the screen is still black and playing music but text comes up........


What is the text that comes up? And which music is playing? Are you able to get past the title screen or is it black the whole time?

it is just the normal music with Death giving you instructions but the whole time it is black screened...

The screen is black for me too! On all sites with this game

I am not having trouble



the screen is black and playing music i am not in fullscreen. What do i do

Same thing has happened to me.... I have no clue

I uploaded it to Newgrounds as well so try there:


how do you download it

yeah how do you Download it???

how do i download it?


Do you need to download it? You should be able to play it fine in a web browser :)

it shows up as a black screen with music

A lot of people are saying that. All I can suggest is trying at Newgrounds

Dude I'm on a hp laptop it goes to 90% then stops do you know why?



Really cute and fun! Played it 3 times already. Good luck in the Jam


I'm so excited! I have never played this before but my freind dared me to do it


can you make it for mobile or do I need to wait for the screen to load for mobile idk._.

You can't play on mobile, only on a computer.

It doesent work helppppppp

Don't play on mobile and don't play on full screen

I played on full screen and it still worked

for ever one saying its not working, you might need to go play on google chrome

If it won't work, are you using fullscreen? If so, Stop, if not, it's probably loading!

How do you do full screen mode?

There’s a blue fullscreen button in the bottom right. I wouldn’t recommend it unless your computer can handle it because it can make the game slow.

i have a ryzen 7 2700x 16 gb ddr4 2666 mhz (4 sticks of 4 gb) a gtx 2070 with a 1200w corsair hx 80 plus platinum psu in my pc so i think it can handle it.

what's our CPU

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