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It doesent work helppppppp

Don't play on mobile and don't play on full screen

I played on full screen and it still worked

for ever one saying its not working, you might need to go play on google chrome

If it won't work, are you using fullscreen? If so, Stop, if not, it's probably loading!

How do you do full screen mode?

There’s a blue fullscreen button in the bottom right. I wouldn’t recommend it unless your computer can handle it because it can make the game slow.

i have a ryzen 7 2700x 16 gb ddr4 2666 mhz (4 sticks of 4 gb) a gtx 2070 with a 1200w corsair hx 80 plus platinum psu in my pc so i think it can handle it.

what's our CPU


yeah it wont work but i would like to play the game

Same for me

Make your own game then.

Don't play on mobile and don't play on full screen

pls help

Don't play on mobile and don't play on full screen

it wont workkkkkkkkkkkkk




Dude I like Dantdm too but you don't need to yell!

DANTDM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OOOOF

How do I play? It's just black and plays music....

My game isnt coming its just playing music and the screen is blank


Anyone here from DanTDM?


i is from dan and his rushing, skipping ages and such

I am from DanTDM too!




I am

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this is a gud gam

Thank you bro!




Total money:$600

Great game! Love everything about it!


It;s not letting me play the game......What do I do

When I try to click the buttons, My cursor just stays around it and doesn't click the buttons. What do I do?   

Me too


may I post content from this game on  you tube?



has anyone found out what happens when you send a person to hell when they are meaning to go to heaven??


The devil kicks them out and spits some insults at you.


i glitched the game lol :P

I cant play it it aint loading

Is there a way to download it? 

Sadly I load it on mobile and Its really zoomed in so I can't apply for job

it is stuck at the unity logo it atleast loadet a 90% of it on my iPad BUT geus wat got stuck again

You can't play on iPad sorry, only on computer.

I'm playing on computer (MacBook Air) and  its not letting me load in

My screeen Is all black what on earth should I do??

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Game is stuck at the Unity Logo... HELP!!! ~ Want to record for my YouTube Channel!

at the last day my game didnt let me ring the bell so the grim reaper couldnt tell me i was done

There was a bug causing that... but I fixed it a few days ago? I don't know.

I love the game so much creative interoitaion great!

Very fun little game! Glory to Arstotzka ;)


can i download it?


My screen in black

sos mine

Great game!

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when i get in i just get a white screen. just realised the website works tho at!

cool game :)

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This is such a well made game! Kind of a paper please feel to it! Keep up the great work! :)


my screen is black help?


Mine too what do we do??<gwmw class="ginger-module-highlighter-mistake-type-3" id="gwmw-15506205247877125325075">?</gwmw>


Absolutely adore it!

A few issues:

- My accuracy was 0% at the end of Day 7

- Almost all school certificates were forged

- Making a deliberate mistake (for the "tough choices") doesn't get punished.

Loved the little notes at the end of the day


Thank you, I'm glad you like it! Someone else said the accuracy at the end was 0%. I'm going to fix that right now.

great idea .-) love it

God got mad at me for sending a guy with 2 virtues and 2 sins to heaven, but fun and well made game


Thank you!

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