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wow man you know that dantdm played this right? rightttt? goo see the video by him: being the grim reaper for a week!

here's a story: 

So yesterday I tried to play this game and found a black screen. Today I tried it, it still was just a black screen but near the bottom of the screen I saw the cursor turn into a pointing hand, When I clicked it I saw a white 'DAY 1'appear and got excited, But then just black... i could only see the grim reaper's text and decided to leave and type this comment.

very strange, no clue why it’s doing that sorry


me too

this took so long to lOAD

Nice game please can you make an infinite mode (time is meaningless in purgatory)  with some cubicle scenery and if you make 10 mistakes you're fired. 

I would like to grade people in cubicle scenery it just makes more sense for the game.

Fantastic game!Continue to create games like these,I can wait to see what comes in the future!

Nice but took a while to load.

dis game das not work dont play dis game {btw try to play dis game on windows 7 owner}

it looks like you're trying to say don't play this game and do play this game at the same time.

I Loved It!!! Amazing Rlly Only my PC Windows 8 Or 10 Or 9 XDD
O que outras pessoas estão dizendo

can you make the game on tablet? i tried doing space but didn’t work

I believe this game is only computers like chromebook or mac. Sorry if this is bad news bears for ya.

I'm a iOS player and I tried to play but it didn't let me make death continue his talking


you can’t play on iOS. I’m surprised you even got that far honestly

Yeah but maybe next time make it free on iOS.



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da only stuff i see iz black plx fix da game da gome opes but z jest black oof

Wont do anything past the application

it just pitch black for me help please

Edward Iverson is an uwu


this is a great game UwU

bruh ti das not work

it doesnt even load to me..the game starts but its just black..the screen is just black

Can I still download this without winzip?? I just want to play it.. >=(((

I have download links here

Not sure what winzip is exactly, sorry

Can you make a phone version or send me a link

why is it all black

Hey can you send me the download link to this game for mac? If so thank you



I only see black for some reason

Can you fix it

No unfortunately because it never happens to me so I have no idea what causes it for other people


Hey creator pls fix the game i can only see black :/

I don’t know what to do. It works fine for me

why is the screen ONLY black? I can't see what I'm doing 


no seriosly, i REALLY want to play this game after DanTDM played this 

yeah me too 

so goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood me liky for a 10 yearold

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This Game Is Sooooo Good It should go down in History

Download plz.

Mac or windows


Ok give me a moment

Here I did this just for you

Thx you


everything is pitch black for me

this game looks so funny and its really cool to play but i cant press space or it will make me go down pls fix this this looks like a really fun game

Have you tried clicking on the game window before pressing space?


i cant see anything just black


me too

same for me

Hey, Kypello, is it possible for you to make a longer game of this?

I probably won’t because for me, these game jams are just game making exercises done for fun and for practice, and when they’re over I go back to working on my main project or whatever. I know some people do make “post-jam” versions after but I prefer to not linger on one game jam and just move on. Thank you for asking though, I’m glad you like the game :)

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Yeah, all of your games are amazing! I see why you haven't made a series or whatever. Still, your games are top notch. I can't wait for the release of your next game! =)

I cant see

a thing

why is some text golden ?

For people where there you have to make a moral choice

how do you get it to start i only see a black screen


I CANT SE SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i beat the whole game, and i loved it a lot.


Thanks :) glad you enjoyed

No problem! though theres a lot of complaints, and im on chromebook (Bad) so im guessing im lucky too not get oofed, i found this on crazy games so i went too and searched it


Now that i realize though, it's a browser game, so im lucky too be in a chromebook.


when i play i dont see anything i only hear music but i can move my mouse

why did it just black out


may I ask why does it take forever to download ?????

as soon as i play it comes up as a error

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