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my record is 1 mistake

Please make it so we could download this game

Had a pretty good run until the end of one of the days, I rang the bell but the grim reaper dude never came, got completely softlocked

(Still respect this game tho, I have a bit of nostalgia for it cause I used to play it a long time ago)

The first thing that shows up is this picture and in the picture it's the word space. What does that mean? Above the picture there's just empty space with nothing. Is that the first thing you're supposed to see is that picture?

I assume you're talking about the screenshot, in which case it sounds like the webgl thing just isn't loading for you. Maybe try a desktop/laptop? I don't know what your device is but I don't think it will work on a tablet anyway

And what the hell is full screen mode anyway? I tried every button on this tablet and every button that might even look like it might be associated with something to do with this and I don't know anything about a full screen. F****** ridiculous. An hour of my life down the drain

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What do you hit to play the game? I can't figure out how to start it. At the top of the page there's a big blank spot. Maybe that's just not showing up on my device and that's why you do it. I have to scroll down and there's a picture and that's the first thing you see. This is so frustrating. I can't play anything on the computer without having something not work

watching the good place now and i can see the inspiration

Did you win? i hope so, because this game is sick

Thank you! I think it came 2nd

Glory to Arsto-!


I mean...

Glory to The Afterlife?

This game is based off the show, The Good Place, right?

it was! It was made for a game jam where the concept was to make a game based on a TV show (while avoiding copyright infringement) and I chose The Good Place. It ended up having not much to do with it though besides a few references


why millenials gotta go to the bad place just asking

i think its because in christianity they believe those who commit suicide need to go to hell, and in this world all millennials commit suicide

damn, that is way darker than I intended

omg im sorry! what did you intend?

I don't think I ever thought about it that deeply

i know its been a long time, but this was really fun. if you ever plan to make a comeback. please do!

thanks for playing!! I am still making new games, I just have slow periods sometimes

Why can't I play? There's no button or anything to hit to play the game. At the top of the page there's just emptiness and then there's a picture below it. The top part of my page when I hit on this is empty. I don't know how to make it work. This is so frustrating I'm about ready to pull my hair out

You know what, to hell with this game. To hell with it. No, I didn't mean that as a pun. I've been trying to figure this out and I can't even figure out how to make the game start. I'm just going to throw this tablet into the wall and I'll be happier. F*** all this


somehow the right answers are wrong on day 3

Deleted post

thanks :)

Deleted post


Nice Game but will it come to .zip/.exe Download?

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what will i do when people get the same ammount of virtues and sins

I think you can just choose either button

In The Rulebook it says same amount of each you decide


Someone should really make an endless version of this.

$680 with 89% but no idea who was the guy I let in on day 2

5/5 the best game on ich

hi, i'm new to this site and i just joined and this was my first games on this site.Very good game ,good to pass the time 10/10

very good game, not much to say. 8/10

What a cool little game ! Except when you must close the dialoge, it RUIN the experience... Music is good, graphics is ok. 4/5 Good job :)

10/10 i got stuck no one came and the time has stopped i  codent do any thing but great game


Amazing game, just pretty stressful (in a good kinda way)

I love this game, a humorous game that is so funny to play, amazing game. (10/10)

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I hate the fact on how many hard decisions this game makes you take, otherwise great game (9/10)

gotta say, some wild rules were passed.

love the game, the millennial part just kept tripping me up.

gud geem


The game seems fun but the mouse was SO hard to control :( I kept missing the buttons and the bell because my screen just kept moving up and down, other than that, great game! the drawings looked very charming too :)

I had a blast playing this game. Too bad for those poor innocent souls.

Good one, very dark scenarios

Thank you, I just wish my bird would stop using my mic as a perch.

if you need to record someting call me, we can make somethinbg in the lab


a lot of people are saying how "bad the art is" but i kind of really like how the game works, and its not slow on my computer 


bad drawings mean good game


this game is so good, but this game cant be downloaded,let alone use full screen sad :(

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this game is so badly drawn, it looks like I drew it!



sorry, this game is goodly drawn. I mean Death is so badly drawn, it looks like I drew it.



Could you make a version for mobile?


no sorry

Crashes my WebGL every time I try to play.

Grims got a gaming career now this and have a nice death show that

Stupid Deaths, Stupid Deaths, they're funny because they're true!

Stupid Deaths, Stupid Deaths, hope next time it's not yoou! Oohoohoohoo!


I love this game gets my mind off of gen Z


damn, what’s so bad about gen z?

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Someone yelled at me for calling my dog a he but not a them


i agree F!"@ gen z


that doesn't mean they're GZ, that just means they're a l- i mean stupid man.


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