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love the game, the millennial part just kept tripping me up.

gud geem


The game seems fun but the mouse was SO hard to control :( I kept missing the buttons and the bell because my screen just kept moving up and down, other than that, great game! the drawings looked very charming too :)

I had a blast playing this game. Too bad for those poor innocent souls.

Good one, very dark scenarios

Thank you, I just wish my bird would stop using my mic as a perch.

if you need to record someting call me, we can make somethinbg in the lab


a lot of people are saying how "bad the art is" but i kind of really like how the game works, and its not slow on my computer 


bad drawings mean good game


this game is so good, but this game cant be downloaded,let alone use full screen sad :(

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this game is so badly drawn, it looks like I drew it!



sorry, this game is goodly drawn. I mean Death is so badly drawn, it looks like I drew it.



Could you make a version for mobile?

no sorry

Crashes my WebGL every time I try to play.

Grims got a gaming career now this and have a nice death show that

Stupid Deaths, Stupid Deaths, they're funny because they're true!

Stupid Deaths, Stupid Deaths, hope next time it's not yoou! Oohoohoohoo!


I love this game gets my mind off of gen Z


damn, what’s so bad about gen z?

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Someone yelled at me for calling my dog a he but not a them


i agree F!"@ gen z


that doesn't mean they're GZ, that just means they're a l- i mean stupid man.



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You should really make an endless mode. It could give the game a lot more replayability. 


This is a great game but, fighting for your country and going to hell for murdering someone. that doesn't sound right, because if your fighting for your country then you have to kill the attacker's soldiers


there is a difference between being a military soldier and being a murderer


love the game.just wish money had a use,maybe you can buy decorations for your office or smthn like that


i really like this game, it is very cute and simple? those rules are kinda hard to catch up but it made the game even better. although i wish there are no time limit (the clock) and more dead dudes <3


props to who made this game 1000\10


It lags...


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were you on full screen

if so the game runs slowly on full screen


Nope, even if I zoom out, lag.

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all the textures look like they were drawn by a beginner to drawing XD


shut up



Deleted 199 days ago

only meanies are a bunch of weenies


prolly better than u can dra


you will see


gotta love the faces

more like paper please game but dantdm played it so its ok

i love DanTDM

man same


i like this game but it would be cool if it was downloadable!


10/10 but i would love to see this have an endless mode with a rotation of certificate's or a longer story addition to the game

This game is amazing! 11/10!


this game is really good 10/10 even tho its kinda short its still fun


i made $390 with 90% accuracy, 4 mistakes, and 43 processed.

oof i got 88%


Gud game

how do i get the follow, add, and rate buttons to go away? I can't play the game because its on the red button!

You can zoom out the page

This is fun!


Great Game!



Who's here because of Dantdm


I mean who isn't

Yea I am

I am, pretty fun


Not me, i was just lookin throughh tv game jam, saw his vid hust after C:




wow cool

I hit the bell as a guy went to hell and death fleed far away from me i guess we will miss him

(lol R.I.P. Death you will be missed)


hello ive come to this game beacause dantdm played it

and i wanna m,urder everyone

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kypello this stinks my game is slow and it says that I cannot play this game unless I have a Protable toaster

Excuse me why is my screen showing something scary on it

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