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GOTY 2020


game was as good as you mom last night i am your mom


Perfect,(not but seriously good game).


we're all waiting for a sequel kypello... when will it come??

Such a great game broke my ears


this is beautiful. i NEED to know how you made this. words can not describe just how much of a work of art this is. good job verry


This has changed my life forever, Part 2 please


make part 2?

(ice age baby goes to russia?)


Im a better person now


Kill the ice age baby adventure: the game is an absolute masterpiece. A stroke of genius in a world of idiots. It's like the Bible of video games, with The Witcher 3 being the new testament. I've been uplifted, cleansed, Everytime I play Kill the ice age baby adventure: the game. The man kypello is a Mastermind, the Mark Zuckerberg of video game developers,with kill the ice age baby adventure: the game being his magnum opus. Kill the ice age baby adventure: the game forever.

Oh hell yeah

That was....B E A U T I F U L

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What is the music from? When you walk around outside of buildings




He Died like probably 2.4 million years ago, I mean he's from the ice age.

Happy Birthday I have a present for you retard or may I say, person who turned into a retard

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Ice Age Baby Has Coronavirus



This game has an extremely captivating storyline, it has a large assortment of lovable/likable characters, and overall just a great design. The ending really caught me off guard, and I am really hoping for a sequel. This game touched my heart.

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10/10 would play again

spedrun it in 4:06.98

tried again and got 2:59.59

Speed run from which  part to which part?

i did it at 2:57.91

(from pressing start to closing final dialogue)


I enjoyed it. The onloy awful thing about it were memes, but it wasn't as bad as i expected! The Rick and Morty and Woolice and Dogman, and walter models were amazing. Actually they were pretty funny.

dogman? its gromit


This game had potential in the technical plan, but i don't wanna even talk what happened.


This is the greatest game of all time. Fuck off ocarina of time.

yes good eyy



good job comrade

BOOM did it in 2:28.77

Good job. I will try to beat that time.


11/10  needs more Knack 2 references. But for real this game had me dying. Thank you developer 😂


my final speedrun time was 3 minutes 26 seconds, i feel that the record could be improved upon however, i will continue to speedrun until i get the absolute fastest run


as i have seen no other run times, i assume i hold the world record. i am very open to competition and encourage us to clear with fast times. good luck gamers,


Hey! I have the world record of 2:09 and will be uploading the video of it in a couple of hours here


that dumbass baby escaped.. wait


i literally did all that

and he escaped



i loved it keep up the good work

havent played it yet but it looks like a masterpiece


This game was amazing and one of the funniest sh*t post games.

lovely xD

More games like this need to be made


If you do not like this game, then you are a shitpost

Is the 'you will lose brain cells' a spifey reference?

i got over the wall


I am disappointed by the fact that you do not get to murder the baby 


Best Game 15/10 BIg pp award plz create sequal so we can finally destroy himmmm


bruh spoilers


Ice age baby: the movie

the end of movie: ice age baby dies and everyone smiles


Yay! 420/10

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